How To Build Website With GoDaddy Domain

By | August 8, 2018

Have you ever heard about GoDadddy domain? Well, GoDaddy domain is a kind of web hosting company and internet domain registrar traded by an American public. The company of GoDaddy is popluar for its ads appear on TV and newspapers.

The registration process of GoDaddy Domain is as follows:

Domain Registration

GoDaddy Domain registration

GoDaddy Domain registration

The first step of how to register the domain is to open GoDaddy and create an account. GoDaddy is recommended due to the cheap price and easy registration. You will have your website address after passing this step and continue to the next step.

Hosting Service



The hosting service suggested best is Hostgator. You can save 30% if you use the discount code “nytech30”. The hosting service can be installed through and click on web hosting. Choose an option “Sign up now” and go tab “I already own this domain” because you have already registered with GoDaddy.fill out the information required and unclick the additional services that might not be necessary. Click “check out” after you agree the terms and conditions.

A hostgator email will come to your inbox about the detail account to be used in logging in.

What is actually the function of hosting service? Well, it can build your website and hold the data or content as well as images, videos, and photos for your website.

Connect GoDaddy Domain to Hostgator

Manage Godaddy Domain

Manage Godaddy Domain

This step is considered the most difficult step of all but please don’t worry about it. just do it based on the tutorial. Log into your GoDaddy account and click the plus sign (+) on the domain page of your account. It will be expanded. Click “manage” and go to the settings. Click the links  just below “Nameservers” and click “manage”.

Afterwards, click “Custom” button and also “Nameservers”. Paste the nameservers in the box then click “OK”. Don! You are finished with GoDaddy domain.

Start Building the Website

It is really awesome to finish GoDaddy domain. The next step is to start building your website. Try to make it as interesting web as possible to attract the visitors. Here are the next to-do-list for you to build your website:

  1. Log to your new site. Click the link provided on the hostgator page. Or other way, open your email address and click the link to log into your site. You have to log in the address to customize and to add your site.
  2. Create the logo of your custom. Open the website and type of image you want in the search bar. There will be some images and you may choose one that you like most. Change the size of the logo to 400×100 to suit the logo within the space. If you want to add the text in the logo, just click on T on the left side. Make sure the text you type in the logo also fits the space. About the color, you may change it by highlighting the image or the text. Click in the color chart. If you feel you finish the logo, click on the disk. There is a new page popping up. Click and download the logo. Last, open the download folder and double click the logo. For the finishing step, you need to export the logo to PNG. Save the logo as a PNG image.
  3. Upload your logo then go to the left side to click appearance and theme options.
  4. You can be able to customize your website by editing or creating sliders and adding some photos, videos, images and posting an article.


Finally we hope that this information will be very valuable and helpful for you especially when you want to have GoDaddy Domain by your own. Make sure to follow all the steps suggested to get a good result.

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