How To Get Free Domain Name And Web Hosting

By | August 16, 2018

Free domain name and web hosting are the two part of working the website which cannot be separated one to another. Before owning the website, you certainly need a domain name. Domain name is a way of identifying the autonomy of the internet administration. Domain name consists of two important elements which are known as rules and procedures of Domain Name System (DNS). Domain name functions to resemble the internet protocol resources in order to be able in using the internet access.

Now imagine that you want to operate a website. You are necessary to name your website by your own likeness which can be your name, your business, your organization, and etc. such as or The domain name is the name you use in your typing website.

Free domain name and web hosting then becomes one combination that is related one to another.  Therefore, on this page, I am going to show you how to get the free domain name and web hosting at the same time.

How to Get Free Domain

choose domain

choose domain

Free domain always becomes the number one people think of. As there is usually an offer of registering free domain, you must check out some to-do-list to make sure that whenever you are going to register, you are ready to do so.

  1. Prepare the name of your domain name

The first thing you must do just before the registration of domain name is the name which you are going to use for your domain name. You are probably provided some listed names that you can choose as option, however, you could create one that is unique according to you.

  1. Provide a credit card or paypal

Why must credit card or paypal? It is due to the fact that everything is done online as well as the registration. When you are required to buy the domain name, you need credit card or paypal as an online payment. But if you are getting the domain freely, you don’t have any.

  1. Search a domain name from some web hosts

Search the domain name from some web hosts. Who knows that one of the web hosts are programming giving away free domain name. so that you can join to get the free domain name.

  1. Park your domain name

Park your domain name if you don’t have the web host yet. As temporary website, your domain name will be parked for protection and you can be able to edit your website at another time.

How to Get Free Web Hosting

free webhosting

free webhosting

Having known how to get the free domain name, your next step is to find out how to get the free web hosting. So that the free domain name and web hosting can be derived altogether. Here are some factors you may consider how to get free web hosting:

  1. Bandwidth or RAM. Evaluate your disk space and bandwidth before you join to get the free web hosting.
  2. The reliability rates available at about 98 and 99 %. This is very prominent to figure out before you choose a web hosting.
  3. Just by double-click, you are able to know the compatibility of the web hosting.
  4. Security is one of the essential concern. The security features include firewall, daily backups, and authentication of the users.


Free domain along with the free web hosting is like a package that helps you in super way to do with online work. By deriving information about how to get free domain and web hosting, I am sure, you will be able to create your own website easily.

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