3 Best Free Cloud Hosting – Reliable And Secure Hosting

By | August 16, 2018

Cloud hosting – cloud hosting is one of the services offered by most web hosts to help the users work with their website. It functions to maximize the networking of a website in the needs of developing online business among the business builder. Commonly, web hosts or website providers offer free cloud hosting as promotion or as additional free service in order to invite more people to use their websites. Besides, it is aimed to encourage the users to acquaint their platform.

As everyone likes anything for free, free cloud hosting comes with an insight of full advantage to fulfill the needs. The followings are the 3 best free cloud hosting you may need to know about:

AWS Free Tier

AWS Free Tier cloud hosting

AWS Free Tier cloud hosting

The largest cloud hosting company is AWS. AWS stands for Amazon Web Service. You will be the one that is eligible to get free AWS if you are considered a new customer. For the first year, the AWS will provide you hands-on AWS experience for free along with the sing up process. Twenty products are ready for you to use when you have just created AWS account.

The services of AWS includes full range of infrastructure services, career-building ability, complete documentation, twelve months free services, and AWS marketplaces which is offering free tier.

Google Cloud Platform’s Free Trial

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google always works to help you well. Google Cloud Platform is one of the free cloud hosting which enables the web developers to build, test, and apply the application with the high scale and reliable infrastructure. Google Cloud Platforms can be operated through computers, storage, and application services from your web.

The services of this kind of free cloud hosting are $300 credit to spend on the product of cloud platform within 60 days, free trial for anyone without exceptions, enable the upgrading to account payment, and ability sign up with the credit card.

Google cloud platform also provides you free ongoing services as long as you keep staying with their free quota. This cause you get free cloud hosting even when your website is still so small.

Microsoft Azure’s Free Offer

Microsoft Azure’s

Microsoft Azure’s

Azure offers an integrated service in the growing selection which includes storage, compute, data, networking, and applications. Azure becomes the only one major cloud hosting platform which ranked by Gartner. You know Gartner? Gartner is an industry leader of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) ofmarket segments. The managed and un-managed services are combined in such a way to make you able to build and deploy the application in so many ways.


Out of the short and brief explanation above, I can conclude that it will be very suitable for the beginners to consider cloud hosting to help them work with the net and build especially the small business. Designed as free trial, cloud hosting will be very helpful in the web management.

Therefore, if you think you may wish to start working the website, I personally recommend that you pick up cloud hosting for free. You may refer to this information right after you got a idea.



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