7 Tips Just Before You Buy Domain

By | August 12, 2018

Do you want to buy a domain? – The most important things to decide in building the networking is having domain. One should think the domain as the prominent means of attracting the visitors and maximize the search engine. Domain, in this case, domain name must represent your business or subject matter for long period of time.

buy domain

buy domain

Millions domain are available and many more are considered best as the tips how to buy domain. The large amount of ideas may have existed for you. However, on this page I would only post the seven best tips of how to buy domain, especially domain name, which are:

Homework Finishing

Homework finishing means you always learn about how to buy domain name for starting point of your business and maximizing the domain for the good benefits you will have. This way, you may find similar sites and check out your rival’s domain name. You may use www.compte.com. You could search the domain by typing a keyword.

Easy to Type and Memorable

Your domain name must easy to type and t must be memorable too. t means you enable people to fnd your site easily and directly remember about your site. Avoid using confusing words which may cause the visitors mistype your domain. Buy domain which anyone can type fast.

Never Use Slang Language

Use a name which is very meaningful at least for ten years. This way, people will understand your domain name. In addition, when you do your business internationally, this will be helpful.

Buy Shorter Domain

Buy a shorter domain rather than the longer one due to the fact that the longer name of the domain, the more difficult for the visitors to type it. It may cause them leave your site and choose the other sites with the short and easy word to type. Buy domain where anyone may not misspell.

Use .com

People tend to find site with .com. on their mind, it is easy domain end. It is considered to have extra work when you have a domain name with the extension such as .net, .or. and etc. Using  .com also make you easy to attract more visitors coming to your sites.

Avoid Numbers

Make sure you have prepared a domain name before you buy domain. In this case, try to avoid numbers. Using numbers will cause you work hard to make the visitors interested. Moreover, numbers for domain name is considered difficult to remember. Hence, people will avoid your site, too.

Check the Domain Name Availability

When you have already had a domain name, you must check the word whether or not it is available on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google+. Make sure your domain name is not similar to those which has already own by somebody.


Overall, the seven things to consider above before you buy domain is important to review as information which you may really need due to the fact that creating website with the proper domain name will influence how many visitors you can have.


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