6 Steps To Get Started Google Domain

By | August 7, 2018

Google Domain – want to have google domain? Well, it is not a bad idea. Since google is considered the most popular site in the world and now controlling most of the searching engine, having domain from google is very beneficial.

If you want to buy a website domain name just right from Google, you need only visit  the google domain website that is domains.google.com. The service of registration to make Google Domains are similar to some that are offered by GoDaddy, 1and1, and other companies which provide domain registration.

Perhaps, you are already had a google account and want to have a google domain, then you  must simply refer to the procedures as follows:

Creating Google Account

google account

google account

Creating google account is the first step to do. Create the domain with your personal Google account. Having domain in Google is somehow beneficial and trusted. Since creating google account is very easy to set up, you must not worry about it. Since Google is very credible, you must be sure that having google domain with google account is the rightest choice ever.

Search the Domain You Are Going to Buy

Domain register

Domain register

The search tools can be used to find out the google domain you are going to buy. There will be different extension available such as .net, .org, .social and .co. you may choose one suit your preference. Google will tell you whether or not your wanted domain is available. In this case, you can click “Add Extension” link to take an extension from the list.

Click The “Cart” Button

As the next step you need to follow is to click the “Cart” button. You might directly add the cart to your shopping cart. The prices whether it will be considered affordable or not will mostly depend on the extension and the demand. The more unique the demand, the higher you are going to pay.

Include Your Information

Process Checkout

Process Checkout

Fill out all of your information in the “Proceed to checkout” with the accurate information. The great benefit is that google domain offers private registration freely. You may note that private registration is all that you need related to the secure information you are necessary to consider about.

Pay the Domain

Google Payment

Google Payment

Set up your Google Wallet if you want to pay the domain easily using google account with the credit card or debit card.

Set up Your Google Domain

When you are finished with the purchase of your google domain, the nest step you must do is to set up your website. Start the set up by building the presence of your website. You may use the website tools to relate the domain with your site.


Having google domain is very easy. The steps cover only the google account creation, the google domain search, cart button picking up, information set up, payment, and google domain set up. Overall there are 6 steps to learn and follow to create google domain.

After creating google domain, you will find it happy to set up your website as you wish.

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