4 Steps To Register Domain Name

By | August 6, 2018

Did you know that having your own domain name really helps you maximize your online business? Well, if you have already a business to go online, then it will be more important and beneficial for you to have your own domain due to the fact that promoting your business on the net is the suggested idea. In the case of online promoting and online working, you need your own website to organize, right? That is why you need your own domain name.

Don’t tell me that you are not familiar with domain name. Alright no worry about it. On this page, I am going to tell you what domain name is and how to register domain name only in 5 steps. Imagine how easy it’s going to be if you just provide 5 minutes to read on this article.

Domain Name

Domain Name

Domain name is an identification string which defines an autonomy of the administration on the internet. There are two elements forming the domain names. Those are rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain name can be generated in this DNS. Domain names function generally to represent an internet protocol (IP) resources to use internet access.

If it is not quite understandable, I would give you an example. First imagine that you have a website of your own. You need to name it by your own preferences which can be your name, your business, or your hobbies and etc such as www.andrewhandsome.com or www.andrewshop.com. To get the website stated by your name, you need a domain. That is.

Now let me tell you that getting your own domain name is not as difficult as you think. Commonly some people buy the domain without any busy-around to make it themselves. However, getting the domain name by your self will actually be challenging and grabbing more knowledge. So consider the following steps how to register your own domain name:

Prepare the Name of Your Domain Name

First of all, think about a good name to be you’re your domain name. It might be provided some names that you can choose as an option you like most, however, it might also be already used by someone else. Keep unique.

Provide a Credit Card or PayPal

You need to have a credit card or a paypal account to purchase the domain.  Due to the facts that registering domain name is done online, so that the payment must done online, too, using a credit card or a paypal account.

Obtain the Domain Names by a Web Host

If you have already a web host, you could choose the domain name from some options available by your web host.

Park Your Domain Name

Other option when you haven’t had the web host is to park your domain name. Your domain name will be a temporary website. The goodness of this way is to protect your domain name fast and you will be able to modify your website at later time.


It might seem difficult to understand if you are not familiar with domain name. No worry about it. As long as you read the suggested steps, you will be enriched with the information about it. Considering the importance of having a domain name which are to enable the visitors to easily type your domain name and they will be directly come to your niches more often and to arise your credibility especially if you are running somehow a big business, domain name is very useful for you to consider.


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